Using Adobe Typekit Fonts

If you have signed up for the Adobe premium Creative Cloud package, then you will be able to add any of its custom fonts to your website.

Adobe has great instructions on how to choose custom fonts to use on your personal website in their own documentation.

Head on over to Adobe to choose the custom fonts you’d like added, then follow the instructions below to add those fonts to your website.

Note: after creating your web project, you’ll see your customized HTML embed code. You won’t need it, so don’t add it to your site. Instead, you’ll use the web project ID, which is a shorter set of letters and numbers.

To find the default embed code for your project, visit the Web Projects page, and follow the steps below:

1. Copy the Project ID, which is a string of letters and numbers above the embed code.

2. Login with your Sway website.

5. Navigate to Dashboard > Sway > Theme Options > Typography > Typekit Fonts

6. Paste the Project ID into the Typekit ID field.

7. In the Body and Headings Typography input fields add the font name. For example on our live website we are using the Futura PT font. The body and headings input fields should contain the futura-pt font name.

8. Click Save Changes and preview the results.

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