Premium plugins license (WPBkery & RevSlider )

When you purchase a theme from ThemeForest that bundles WPBakery Page Builder and Revolution Slider, you are free to use these Premium plugins with the theme. However, your Sway purchase does not give you an individual WPBakery Page Builder or Revolution Slider license. Activation doesn’t mean the plugin will not work but only that you cannot receive direct updates.

You can use these plugins with the Sway theme and you are fully compliant with the Envato’s policy, but you cannot activate them as the owner (so don’t try to use the Sway purchase code to activate one of these plugins).

New plugin updates will be provided when we issue new theme updates. As soon as a new version is available for download, we will surely update the theme after we will fully test the plugins to make sure there are no bugs that will conflict with our own update.

Limitations of premium bundled plugins

Bundled plugins offer the same core features and functionality as the standalone version of the item on CodeCanyon. You don’t actually have your own license for any bundled plugin (Revolution Slider or WPBakery Page Builder), only the right to use the plugin in its default state.

For example, the default state of the bundled Revolution Slider plugin allows you to create your own sliders without being limited as to how many sliders you can create, or what content your sliders can have. Additional plugin features such as auto updates and templates can be unlocked with an official license key for the plugin. These features are an added bonus reserved for actual plugin buyers.

How to get auto plugin updates

Due to Envato licensing rules, the only way to get automatic plugin updates is to purchase the plugins individually through CodeCanyon. Doing this provides you with a regular license for the plugin and a purchase code that can be used for Automatic Updates.

Purchase Revolution Slider to receive auto updates

Purchase WPBakery Page Builder to receive auto updates

Plugin compatibility list

View full list of included & compatible plugins here.

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