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If you are running a WordPress website and you have products available to buy, there are a lot of extensions and other options you can add to make your online store pop even more.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

The YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is a lightweight, yet powerful tool that will allow you to easily add a Wishlist to WordPress. The plugin allows for a lot of functionality and gives you a lot of options when it comes to placing and styling your wishlist page options. The plugin is easy to use and easy to set up.

The plugin gives you all the tools you need to build a fantastic WooCommerce wishlist page and button layout on your site.

There is also a PRO version of the plugin. It will add extended functionality to the plugin. However, in this article, we will cover the basics of the free version.

Install and activate the plugin

This plugin is optional and it’s not included in the theme automatic plugin install. Navigate to the Plugins page of your WordPress admin dashboard. Simply search the plugin name and install it right from there.

Once the plugin has been install and activated, click on YITH > Wishlist. You will find this option showing in the left side menu area of your dashboard.

This will take you directly to the main configuration page where you can change the plugin settings.

In YITH > Wishlist you will see 4 main tabs:

  • General Settings
  • Add to Wishlist Options
  • Wishlist Page Options
  • Premium Version

The settings marked with a red border are recommended. Check the recommended configs for the Sway theme below:

General Settings

Add to Wishlist Options

The wishlist functionality is disabled by default on loop pages (Shop page, category pages and all the other pages where loop is used). We need to enable it and select the position of the wishlist icon.

Show the wishlist icon in the header area

The wishlist icon displayed in the header area redirects to the main wishlist page. You can show/hide this icon by navigating the Theme Options > Header > Header Bar > scroll down to the Header Bar Icons section > check with the Wishlist Icon option.

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